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Social Innovation

Social Innovation is all about ideas aimed at creating new solutions to meet community needs in a better way than the existing solutions. Your Platform encourages thinking outside the box of typical nonprofit models. 



Your Platform hosted a series of workshops across Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda to share best practices for social enterprise and hear creative solutions from grassroots organizations across the region.


Seed Money

We provided seed funds to help the winners launch their ideas or grow their existing efforts. Your Platform followed up with technical assistance along the way. These partnerships continue as we strive toward a sustainable future.


The Christian Youth Association for Solidarity & Development won seed money for their project to train single mothers and women victims of sexual violence as professional housekeepers.


Goma Workshop Winners:

Projects included bee farming and a computer training hub.


This social entrepreneur won for his idea to make leather material goods out of cow and goat skins and use those funds to improve his community.

SIC UG Winner 02.JPG.jpg

This Uganda Workshop Winner was awarded seed money to create his social enterprise selling charcoal bricks made of collected materials. A sustainable and affordable way to support families with their daily cooking needs.


The Association de Femme Solidaire Pour Le Développement (AFESODE) won for their pitch to support women in Bukavu through agricultural projects.

SIC UG Winner 01.JPG.jpg

This winner from Uganda makes and distributes re-usable sanitary pads for young women who might miss school or drop out due to issues with menstruation.

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